Studio Class 4.1



This morning was the big critique! I was given heaps of feedback about the work I had produced and have a better idea of the way in which I need to handle the space – white space is good. I still feel as though I have not quite yet got the layout working in a way I am happy with – I am battling with it. I am needing to go looking for some new slightly more controlled artist models to draw inspiration from.

To work on:

  • Body text too large try 9pt
  • The coloured texture makes the body text challenging to read – reconsider the placement and frequency of these
  • Heading potentially too large – play around with the scale of it
  • Turn hyphenation off
  • The photograph looks a little too awkward, is it necessary to understanding the location/atmosphere
  • Develop the icons
  • Define a clear focal point of the spread

Things working well:

  • The illustrations – given context to the kind of terrain of each location and the tools/function of the spaces
  • Range of media
  • The texture of the lines to communicate the types of art found in this location


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