Final Rationale

Workbook: Physical

The theme of my Wellington City Council pamphlet is ‘Street art of Wellington’.

This theme offered itself really nicely to a lot of artistic imagery and allowed me to really play with the abstract environment of each location of artwork. I hoped to capture the wild overgrown grunge of the Miramar Gun Emplacements; the fluid and playful air of the Te Aro Bus Stops and the sophisticated and refined demeanour of the Tuatara (Third Eye Temple) Brewery. I did this through the use of brush strokes – each location lent itself to a variation of different art aesthetics that also aided the communication of their differences through the brushstroke motif.  I kept the type tightly set within the grid structure as a tool to juxtapose the organic nature of the brush strokes and illustrations. These confines of type alongside the blocked colour acted as a kind of metaphor for the confines of a building’s wall on of which these artworks are painted.

Throughout this assignment, I have learnt of the benefits of documenting my work as I go, it made the whole process far more manageable as I was able to see my process unfold and made far less work to complete during the last week. Next time I would identify any areas that seem to not work earlier on so to help myself have a clear developmental path rather than needing to start over halfway through the course.


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