Studio Class 4.2



During class, we were given the task for beginning to play with the illustration of a map to go on the first introductory spread. Whilst in class I started to draw up ideas of how to illustrate my map as my locations are very far apart. We were then given a napkin on of which we were to quickly draw and explain how to get to our locations this became very helpful in simplifying what information needed to be included. Following this I went through the feedback given to me during the critique last class and have made alterations to the point size of the title text and body text; removes the distracting pattern from behind text; fixed my paragraph styling, and began working on the 3 communication icons.

For Independent study, I found a bunch of new artist models to draw some inspiration from which will hopefully take my design in a new direction. They are a lot more controlled in their handling of type and also utilise colour in order to create hierarchy on the page rather than purely scale. The illustrations for the 3 location spreads are still under some intensive re-evaluation and have a new idea of incorporating the brush stroke ‘motif’ as a frame for the images I have taken at each location. These will differ in order to communicate the variation in environment and art style found at these locations. I have removed my text from my spreads in order to begin to rehandle it with this new style in mind; then formatted the bullet point lists with tabs and started to play around with alternative heading typefaces and scales.

New Artist Models:

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