Studio Class 6.1



During class, we were able to get our last feedback from our tutors and make the final tweaks to our pamphlets through numerous iterations of printed booklets. I have continued to play with the front cover, I have not yet found a composition that I am satisfied with yet. My imagery for my location spreads are finally coming together in a way that I am alright with – they are not my favourite thing, but I will keep working to better them. I have placed my map and key on the first spread (Discover Wellington) and shifted the icon key to the following page (Art and Culture). I am unsure at this point as to whether or not this key is required as I may be able to put the names at the locations, however, they may be too small of a font size to be realistically legible. I will play with that and see how it looks. I have had to rearrange the second spread to make room for the icons key. I feel as though it is working so am not too worried about it at this point. I have placed some simple brush stroke lines as an illustrative element to this spread and will also apply it to the location spreads but with their relative descriptive brush stroke style. I will attempt to compose these strokes in a way that speaks of the styles and motion found in that location.

For independent study, I will continue to expand upon the ideas just expressed and also do some test prints of it so that hopefully I can be printing my final on Wednesday 5th.

Studio Class 5.2


In class, again we were left to our own working. I was able to speak one on one to Lee about my pamphlet. She gave me heaps of pointers about what I was needing to do next.

Cover – The cover had a good base idea but should represent the 3 locations through some means – I will play around with having brush strokes taken from the frame of each of the location images and integrate them as an abstracted illustration of wiggling and weaving together. The spine edge of the cover doesn’t line up so will need to create a spread in either Illustrator or Photoshop in order to get it to line up perfectly.

Spreads – The first spread was printed with the wrong body text typeface and so will need to double chack this next time when printing it in the future, especially the final. On the right side of this spread the spacing between each of the categories vary and so these need to be kept at the same point difference which should also provide more room below for the map to spread across the bottom. Similarly, on the following spread, I need to format the tabs of the bullet point lists – I had forgotten to redo it after reapplying the text. This spread could also do with some light imagery. My location spreads were rather bland and so having a location added to the top of the page then allows for consistency across all locations (I had added the location address to only the last spread). I will also need to remove the border around the photo imagery as it makes the page to “bitty”. Adding a pull quote to the left-hand edge will create a better balance. Lastly, my walking illustrations require a higher contrast as they cannot be clearly seen when it has been printed.

For independent study, I will be editing all of this by finalising my map and placing it into my document. I need to figure out whether I will need a key for my map and if so, where I will be able to put the icon key instead – potentially the ‘Arts and Culture’ spread.

Studio Class 4.1


This morning was the big critique! I was given heaps of feedback about the work I had produced and have a better idea of the way in which I need to handle the space – white space is good. I still feel as though I have not quite yet got the layout working in a way I am happy with – I am battling with it. I am needing to go looking for some new slightly more controlled artist models to draw inspiration from.

To work on:

  • Body text too large try 9pt
  • The coloured texture makes the body text challenging to read – reconsider the placement and frequency of these
  • Heading potentially too large – play around with the scale of it
  • Turn hyphenation off
  • The photograph looks a little too awkward, is it necessary to understanding the location/atmosphere
  • Develop the icons
  • Define a clear focal point of the spread

Things working well:

  • The illustrations – given context to the kind of terrain of each location and the tools/function of the spaces
  • Range of media
  • The texture of the lines to communicate the types of art found in this location


Studio Class 3.2


During the lecture, I was given loads on inspiration as to how to work with my text and a refresher from last year as to how I am to utilise InDesign in order to more efficiently manage my text. In class, I was able to speak to Lee about the inspiration I wanted to draw from my artist models – bold handwritten titles, limited colour palette, minimal text. Ii was also able to speak to Mark about how better integrate the illustration and text, rather than just have one side of the spread for each – Maybe the text could be the most dominant feature and the text and imagery work to support it. I feel as though I am still battling with the imagery – I might break it down and attempt to handle it in portions of the page. For independent study, I will need to take this advice on and make my spreads more unique and engaging. I will need to have two spreads and an intro page ready for the critique on Monday morning.

Studio Class 2.2


During class, we grouped up to critique the collages we completed for independent study alongside the one completed in class. The feedback I got for my set of three is that I need to clarify my overarching aesthetic and/or system to my collages; I need to start to work digitally to better ideate and make iterations of the collages. I was suggested the idea of including more about the function of each location to provide more context rather than purely the variation in art styles found in Wellington. For independent study, I researched further into the kind of styles of layout and type I wanted to work with to create a mood board for my following collages – of which I will start to do digitally.

Artist Models:

Studio Class 2.1


During today’s class, we shared with our groups our findings from each location and chose one piece to work from in a selection of exercises that got us to loosen up our drawing and create a range of more emotive media to describe our locations. We then used these new drawings amongst our existing findings to create a collage describing one of our three locations. After completing this, as a class, we hung up our work and had a class critique in order to define the areas/works that were really communicating the emotive qualities of the location. For independent study, we were then asked to complete this collage task for the remaining two locations. I played around with overall aesthetic ideas and haven’t yet settled on one overarching system or look.

Studio Class 1.2


Today during class we critiqued our ideation matrixes in groups with the added input of our tutors. I confirmed by activity set/destination – Street art of Wellington. Within this, I will be focusing on the locations of Tuatara Brewery, Miramar Gun Emplacements and the Bus Stops of Te Aro. Next, I need to visit the three locations and collect visual media that is informed by the environment of each location. I will also look into existing print design that can inform the overall look of my pamphlet.