Final Rationale

Workbook: Physical

The theme of my Wellington City Council pamphlet is ‘Street art of Wellington’.

This theme offered itself really nicely to a lot of artistic imagery and allowed me to really play with the abstract environment of each location of artwork. I hoped to capture the wild overgrown grunge of the Miramar Gun Emplacements; the fluid and playful air of the Te Aro Bus Stops and the sophisticated and refined demeanour of the Tuatara (Third Eye Temple) Brewery. I did this through the use of brush strokes – each location lent itself to a variation of different art aesthetics that also aided the communication of their differences through the brushstroke motif.  I kept the type tightly set within the grid structure as a tool to juxtapose the organic nature of the brush strokes and illustrations. These confines of type alongside the blocked colour acted as a kind of metaphor for the confines of a building’s wall on of which these artworks are painted.

Throughout this assignment, I have learnt of the benefits of documenting my work as I go, it made the whole process far more manageable as I was able to see my process unfold and made far less work to complete during the last week. Next time I would identify any areas that seem to not work earlier on so to help myself have a clear developmental path rather than needing to start over halfway through the course.


Studio Class 6.1


During class, we were able to get our last feedback from our tutors and make the final tweaks to our pamphlets through numerous iterations of printed booklets. I have continued to play with the front cover, I have not yet found a composition that I am satisfied with yet. My imagery for my location spreads are finally coming together in a way that I am alright with – they are not my favourite thing, but I will keep working to better them. I have placed my map and key on the first spread (Discover Wellington) and shifted the icon key to the following page (Art and Culture). I am unsure at this point as to whether or not this key is required as I may be able to put the names at the locations, however, they may be too small of a font size to be realistically legible. I will play with that and see how it looks. I have had to rearrange the second spread to make room for the icons key. I feel as though it is working so am not too worried about it at this point. I have placed some simple brush stroke lines as an illustrative element to this spread and will also apply it to the location spreads but with their relative descriptive brush stroke style. I will attempt to compose these strokes in a way that speaks of the styles and motion found in that location.

For independent study, I will continue to expand upon the ideas just expressed and also do some test prints of it so that hopefully I can be printing my final on Wednesday 5th.