Studio Class 3.2



During the lecture, I was given loads on inspiration as to how to work with my text and a refresher from last year as to how I am to utilise InDesign in order to more efficiently manage my text. In class, I was able to speak to Lee about the inspiration I wanted to draw from my artist models – bold handwritten titles, limited colour palette, minimal text. Ii was also able to speak to Mark about how better integrate the illustration and text, rather than just have one side of the spread for each – Maybe the text could be the most dominant feature and the text and imagery work to support it. I feel as though I am still battling with the imagery – I might break it down and attempt to handle it in portions of the page. For independent study, I will need to take this advice on and make my spreads more unique and engaging. I will need to have two spreads and an intro page ready for the critique on Monday morning.

Studio Class 1.1


Today we got an introduction to the course and the Puna brief. We began the process of curating ideas of theme topics in class and understanding how to break it down into three ‘sub-destinations/activities’. For independent study, I have furthered this by completing four ‘Matrix forms’ provided to curate and a selection of theme ideas and ‘sub-destinations’ and begin to identify and classify the similarities and differences between these locations and/or activities.